Make job placement tracking easy

School accreditation can be challenging. In the past, schools have used spreadsheets, manual text messages, and loads of emails to reach out to see if students got a job. JobWise™ automates the data collection process and makes life easy — all the while aiding your students and alumni with enhancing their career.

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How it works

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We reach out by text to students and graduates to see if they got a job.

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Students and graduates reply with employment info or let us know if they're looking for a job.

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We match students with jobs, confirm hiring with employers, and provide schools with robust reporting.

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We've thought of everything

SIS integration

SIS Integration

We integrate with your student information system (SIS) making it easier to pull current student info and push back employment data.

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Compliance and Reporting

Hiring data is available in real-time to help your school be compliant with all applicable school, program, and state accreditors.

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Student Integration

You can send SMS messages to students directly from the platform using a unique phone number assigned to your school. No more texting from your personal phone!

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30X More Job Applications

Based on preferences, we send texts to graduates about available jobs. Texting results in 30X more job applications than traditional job boards.

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School Job Board

We give your school a school-branded job board that can be added to the school website.


Data and Privacy

Data is not shared with any third-parties outside of the school and relevant employers. We are also compliant with FERPA and TCPA.


becky fenton avp of instruction

Becky Fenton

AVP of Instruction

"JobWise has saved our faculty and staff hundreds of hours in communicating with students and documenting the data we need to track outcomes."

Mountainland Technical College

lance eastman avp training division

Lance Eastman

AVP - Training Division

"JobWise automates job placement tracking and then with a single click, seamlessly imported into our student information system. This significantly saves time and effort for our outcome reports."

Davis Technical College

mandi connelly senior program coordinator

Mandi Connelly

Senior Program Coordinator

"JobWise saves me so much time with job placement tracking so I can now focus on other more important things. It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate."

Mountainland Technical College